Kafka: Foran Loven -  En kęde af essays af Elias Ole Tetens Lund

Diaspora og Exil

 "the book (Mimesis) owed its existence to the very fact of Oriental, non-Occidental exile and homelessness. And if this is so, then Mimesis itself is not, as it has so frequently been taken to be, only a massive reaffirmation of the Western cultural tradition, but also a work built upon a critically important alienation from it, a work whose conditions and circumstances of existence are not immediately derived from the culture it describes with such extraordinary insight and brilliance but built rather on an agonizing distance from it." (om Auerbach af Edward Said: The World the Text and the Critic 8) 

Michael Wood: Double Thought - i: London Reviews of Books
Franz Kafka: The Office Writings edited by Stanley Corngold, Jack Greenberg and
Benno Wagner, translated by Eric Patton and Ruth Hein Princeton, 404 pp, November 2008.